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The technological needs of every business, every organisation vary. We, at InterTech understand the intricacies of Information technology management and offer an integrated framework comprising a extensive line-up of products and solutions to meet the individual needs and priorities of your organisation.

Consolidation Solutions

Our deep understanding of the latest advances in virtualization technologies empowers us to bring to you application virtualization that can benefit your infrastructure greatly; applications can be installed, executed and upgraded on any approved devices while managed centrally.

At Intertech, we bring unmatched experience and expertise in delivering the technology of the future – cloud computing. Our flexible solutions afford an integrated approach, enabling businesses to complement their physical data centres with virtual ones, thereby offering innovative solutions to respond to changing business requirements.

Virtualization solutions is another technological trend that can help maximise your current resources. We at Intertech can help reduce expenses and optimize your infrastructure through proven virtualization solutions.

DR & BC Solutions

Replication is the process of mirroring mission critical data from one site to another. The replication of data can be synchronous or asynchronous. Replication is the only technology that can satisfy the needs of the most demanding systems, as only replication can provide instant access to data and zero data loss (minimal Recovery Point Objective or RPO and minimal Recovery Time Objective or RTO). We at Intertech can integrate industry leading solutions to meet your demanding needs.

Host-based replication is conducted by software that resides on application servers and forwards data changes to another device. The process is usually file-based and asynchronous which traps write input/output (I/O) and then forward changes to replication targets. Intertech can provide host based replication products to enable efficient and secure data copying, include capacities such as deduplication, compression, encryption, and throttling.

High Availability server clusters are an important and effective technology. They significantly improve availability and performance beyond what is possible with a single server. Intertech can implement Server clustering combined with other applications to deliver the highest level of reliability and availability.

Infrastructure Hardware

Right hardware for the right software is instrumental for the overall performance and success of technologies, and thereby, of businesses. We complement our infrastructure software with apt, reliable and advanced hardware solutions. Our data centre solutions are designed to optimize your IT infrastructure and meet the increasing demands in terms of speed and scale.

Intertech partners with world class principals to bring to you innovative choices in servers. Our server solutions are affordable, reliable and scalable, with high efficiency and superior computing.

The vast amount of data generated by a business makes storage one of the high priority investments for companies. Intertech enables deployment of industry standard architecture that are fast, efficient, yet cost effective. Our solutions boast of features like disaster recovery, virtualization, security, consolidation, data mobility and simplified management.

Right cabling is critical for the proper functioning of the technologies you have invested your time and money in. From planning & design to installation and maintenance, we are involved in every step of the way to make sure that your cable infrastructure provides the needed back end support for the success of your business operations.

Back Office Solution

Whether a large corporate enterprise or a small scale business, your infrastructure, networks and systems need best all-round protection and our antivirus solutions offer just that. These proven solutions are backed by advanced technologies and are designed to give you unobtrusive, strong protection without any needless, cumbersome hassles.

InterTech brings to you comprehensive systems for easy and secure management of records, documents, images, emails and other paper or electronic files. The archiving/document management systems, comprising customisable desktop software and web based solutions, offers an affordable solution that integrates with work flow management.

Ensure that your critical data is protected through our backup solutions that are affordable and flexible. These cross platform data protection solutions are easy to be implemented and can be relied upon to restore complete data in case of data loss.

Technology is continuously evolving. Businesses therefore need to continuously update their technologies in order to keep up with the times and retain their edge in a competitive world. Our solutions offer seamless migration and upgrade and are tailored to suit the needs of your individual organisation and business.

Integrating communications with business applications can have a direct, positive impact on organisations, resulting in more effective and meaningful way of doing business. The benefits are multiple – increase in productivity, improvement in customer service & optimization of business processes.

Intertech provides an assortment of services for enhancing your web presence. Our flexible web hosting packages incorporate innovative online solutions a feature-rich experience.

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